United States Federal Government

U.S. Federal Government

The Executive Branch

The President


Former President of the United States Jimmy Carter 07/09/15

前美國總統  吉米·卡特 07/09/15

The Vice President

Vice President of the United States  Joe Biden 11/07/16

美國副總統  喬·拜登 11/07/16


The First Lady

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Former First Lady of the United States  Hillary Clinton 06/14/14

前美國第一夫人 Hillary Clinton 06/14/14

The Second Lady

Second Lady of the United States  Jill Biden 11/07/16

美國第二夫人  吉爾·拜登 11/07/16


Executive Office of the President


The Cabinet

Secretaries/Attorney Generals

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Former United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton 06/14/14

前美國國務卿 Hillary Clinton 06/14/14

Madeleine Albright

Former United States Secretary of State Madeleine Albright 06/04/14

前美國國務卿 Madeleine Albright 06/04/14

Bob, Elizebeth Dole1

Former United States Secretary of Labor & Transportation Elizabeth Dole 05/24/14

前美國勞工和運輸部部長 Elizabeth Dole 05/24/14


Former Secretary of Energy Bill Richardson 04/30/14

前美國能源部部長 Bill Richardson 04/30/14

Deputy Secretaries/Attorney Generals

FullSizeRender (14)

Former Deputy Secretary of Defense  John Harme 07/13/16

前美國國防部副部長  John Harme 07/13/16

Assistant Secretaries/Attorney Generals


Deputy Assistant Secretaries/Attorney Generals

Haydn Wiliams

Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for International and National Security Council Affairs Hayden Williams 05/24/14

前美國國防部國際及國家安全事務助理部長 Hayden Williams 05/24/14

The Legislative Branch

United States Senators

Bob, Elizebeth Dole1

Former US Senate Majority Leader Bob Dole 05/24/14

前美國參議院多數黨領袖 Bob Dole 05/24/14

Former US Senator Elizabeth Dole 05/24/14

前美國參議員 Elizabeth Dole 05/24/14

United States Senator  Tim Kaine 06/17/17

美國參議員  Tim Kaine 06/17/17

Former US Senator  Chuck Robb 11/08/16

前美國參議員  Chuck Robb 11/08/16

Former US Senator  Joe Biden 11/07/16

前美國參議員  喬·拜登 11/07/16

Marco Rubio

United States Senator  Marco Rubio 02/28/16

美國參議員 Marco Rubio 02/28/16

George Allen

Former US Senator George Allen 01/01/16

前美國參議員 George Allen 01/08/16

Mark Warner

United States Senator Mark Warner  10/20/14

前美國參議員 Mark Warner  10/20/14

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Former United States Senator Hillary Clinton 06/14/14

前美國國務卿 Hillary Clinton 06/14/14


United States Senator John McCain 04/02/2014

美國參議員 John McCain 04/02/2014

United States Representatives 

Newt Gingrich

Former Speaker of the House  Newt Gingrich 03/01/16

前美國眾議院議長  Newt Gingrich 03/01/16

Gerry Connolly

United States Congressman  Gerry Connolly 05/14/16

美國眾議員  Gerry Connolly 05/14/16

John Kasich

Former United States Congressman  John Kasich 03/01/16

前美國眾議員  John Kasich 03/01/16

Barbara Comstock 2

United States Congresswoman Barbara Comstock 03/01/16

美國眾議員  Barbara Comstock 03/01/16


Former United States Congressman Roscoe Bartlett 03/06/15

前美國眾議員 Roscoe Bartlett 03/06/15

Marcy Kaptur

United States Congresswoman Marcy Kaptur 05/24/14

美國眾議員 Marcy Kaptur 05/24/14


Former United States Congressman Bill Richardson 04/30/14

前美國眾議員 Bill Richardson 04/30/14




The Judicial Branch

William Suter

Former Clerk of the Supreme Court of the US  William Suter 02/19/16

前美國聯邦最高法院書記官  威廉•蘇特 02/19/16


Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit Randall Rader  01/26/2014

美國聯邦巡迴上訴法院首席法官 Randall Rader  01/26/2014

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